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sing play for kids, children with diabilities, adults with disabilities, Judith Muir

Personal Development Through Music for Adults

Personal Development Through Music is the result of forty years of teaching music and exploring wholistic methods of health and wellbeing. This music learning approach helps adults connect with their instrument and learn music in a way that is fun and meaningful.

The possibility for this approach struck me during my first exposure to the Alexander Technique. At the time I studying at conservatory as a clarinetist and my playing improved noticeably after a single lesson. This was a revelation, a radically different approach that led me to become a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and introduced me to a new world.

Traditional music teaching holds that hours of practice will make you a great musician. Embedded in this approach is the idea that if you don’t achieve that, it is because you did not practice enough and are not talented enough. In my work I've found that not only is this not true, it's an approach that makes music inaccessible to far too many people.

Breaking through barriers and unrealistic goals helps my students connect with their musicality and their instrument, and learn to love expressing themselves.

My Methods in Action

  • Child of a parent with unrealistically high expectations
    This first student is the classic story of a parent whose high expectations created a block. A high achiever, this person is very successful in work and as a parent, but struggled with her piano playing even though she had lessons throughout childhood. Noticing that even now her parent manifested in her physicality at the piano (they used to sit together during practice while the parent demanded perfection), we discovered she still carried this trauma with her. Greater awareness helped her let go and her piano playing improved immediately.


  • Severe eye problems
    Another student experiences complicated eye problems that prevent working or driving. She wanted to take up the piano for herself and to enjoy music with her grandchildren. Further, she did not know how to read music. My approach proved perfect as I always begin with developing the ear. Through our work together her life has been deeply enhanced with both her husband and grandkids, and has also experienced a big improvement in self confidence, even taking on new projects despite her eye issues.

  • Alexander Technique and freer musical expression
    A third student, in this case of the Alexander Technique, began to see how the principles of Alexander could apply to and enhance their already excellent music skills. Acquiring skills at that level is often accompanied by limiting ideas as well as patterns of tension, that hold us back. Through the marrying of these methods and skills, they've experienced significantly greater creative expression and discovered more capability than they thought they had.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a session, contact me»

Sing-Play for Kids

Sing-Play is a dynamic music and movement teaching process that is easy and effective for children of all ages and cognitive abilities. The process enhances students’ innate love of music while facilitating mastery of an instrument.

You Learn:

  • Lots of terrific, age-appropriate songs;

  • Movement and rhythm games that improve coordination;

  • How to listen to music and remember the melody; 

  • How to reproduce those melodies on an instrument;

sing play, children with diabilities, adults with disabilities

“When we sing, it seems it gets brighter in the room”  FB, age 10

Sing-Play for Children and Adults, Disablitiles techniques, Children with diabilities, adults with disabilities,  playing the piano

Sing-Play helps kids develop their creativity as they learn to sing and play all their favorite songs. Music notation is only taught when the child expresses an interest in learning how to do so.

My music teaching is also informed by my training as a teacher of the Alexander Technique. I guide my students to help the adopt good breathing and postural practices, including the best way to hold an instrument, sit on a piano bench and stand at full natural height naturally and without strain.

Instruction in:

  • Piano

  • Voice

  • Clarinet

  • Saxophone

  • Ukulele

If you are interested in learning more or would like to schedule a session, contact me»

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